Startup Coaching

Introduction to Startup Coaching

Quotation MarksYou are your own biggest asset, by far. Invest in yourself;
it is the best investment you can possibly make Quotation Marks
—Warren Buffett

A large number of Fortune 500 firms follow Warren Buffet’s advice and invest in professional coaching for their top executives. Coaching has proven itself as an ideal means of unlocking personal potential and maximizing business success. Coaching is now part of standard leadership development training for top executives and talented up-and-comers at companies such as IBM, Motorola, GE, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Chase and Hewlett Packard. These companies have realized that not only professional athletes need coaches to win: business managers, too, achieve new levels of success when provided a coach who works with them to maximize their personal potential and reach their business goals.

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, you need to use all you’ve got in order to beat the odds and achieve the degree of success you seek. You are constantly surrounded by people who believe they know what you need to do and how you need to do it. However, the advice offered by your consultants, lawyers, investors, relatives and friends typically ignores the most important factors – YOUR own personal strengths and weaknesses, abilities and doubts, likes and dislikes.

MyWay’s startup coaching is about maximizing your personal potential in order to achieve subsequent business breakthroughs – at every stage of your startup venture experience. MyWay offers an objective setting in which you will be able to analyze all the information you receive and make the choices which best suit YOU. MyWay’s technology investment experience makes it a brainstorming partner that speaks your language. Its coaching skills and unbiased personal feedback allows you to find the optimal answers within yourself and thus maximize your chances of success.

Maximize your personal potential:

  • Identify and leverage your personal competitive advantages
  • Extend yourself beyond your “comfort zones”
  • Tailor business advice to your particular strengths
  • Overcome your limitations and improve your resourcefulness
  • Access your internal reservoirs and find the answers within yourself
  • Achieve the clarity and focus you need to succeed
  • Take a break from the daily race to plan ahead and remain on course

MyWay will work with you to achieve business breakthroughs at whatever stage you and your startup are presently positioned:

MyWay works with its clients in two different forums: