How is Startup Coaching different from consulting?

Startup coaching is complementary to consulting. A consultant brings expertise in specific fields such as finance, business planning, marketing or finding investors.  He focuses on your business and offers you answers based on his experience and knowledge.  He may act on a strategic and/or operational level, including preparing a financial plan, writing a business plan, calculating venture value, etc.


On the other hand, startup coaching focuses on YOU as a key to EXECUTING the consultant’s advice. It asks questions that are designed to discover the path that will maximize your personal strengths, motivations and goals. It offers impartial feedback and operates at a day-to-day, personal level. Coaching may help you identify the areas in which a consultant is most required, how to maximize your relationship with him and where you need to take charge.


For example, you may feel uncomfortable in the fundraising arena and benefit from a consultant who assists you in determining your venture valuation and who will secure meetings with potential investors. In parallel, the coach will challenge you to take charge and manage the process. As a startup leader, what you don’t push, won’t happen.


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