How is Startup Coaching different from mentoring?

Startup coaching complements mentoring, and delivers a different set of benefits. A mentor is a "gray-haired" senior entrepreneur who shares his valuable experience and insights in order to assist you in making the right key decisions, avoiding traps and saving time and money often wasted on making first-timer’s mistakes. A mentor focuses on your business. He offers you answers based on his business experience and knowledge and will usually act on a strategic level.


On the other hand, startup coaching focuses on YOU as a key to EXECUTING the mentor’s advice. It asks questions that are designed to discover the path that will maximize your personal strengths, motivations and goals. It offers impartial feedback and operates at a day-to-day, personal level. For example: A mentor may suggest that you target investors of a particular type. However, if you don’t have contacts or experience in that particular field (or if you are not a natural-born networker), executing the mentor’s advice will be extremely difficult for you. Your coach will then work with you to figure out the best way to overcome the personal and business challenges inherent in achieving the goal. Coaching is all about maximizing YOUR potential and your performance so that your business stands the best chance of successful, forward progress.


MyWay focuses on startup coaching. In the particular field of venture fundraising, MyWay also serve you in the role of mentor.

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