How do I know if Startup Coaching is right for me?

Startup Coaching will likely bring you substantial benefits if one or more of these statements apply to you:

  • You have what it takes, but you feel you are not using everything you’ve got
  • You feel that you are not advancing quickly enough to narrow the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • You want to improve your entrepreneurial/management skills
  • You want to gain confidence in your abilities and style
  • You want to feel more confident that you are on the right track
  • You feel lonely at the top
  • You seek a better balance among your work, family and leisure times
  • You want a better control over your time
  • You seek a “safety zone” for:
    • Examining partner-related issues
    • Testing business visions and strategies
    • Identifying gaps in your self-awareness that weaken relationships or hinder business results
    • Understanding your strengths and limitations in inter-personal communication
    • Developing action plans for achieving professional and business goals

Startup Coaching helps address these issues together with a trusted partner who will:

  • Help you understand how to better leverage your greatest strengths and lessen the impact of your limitations
  • Expand your “comfort zones” to allow you to succeed in a wider range of business activities
  • Provide impartial feedback, new perspectives, reference points and valuable insights
  • Help you develop specific strategies for achieving particular goals
  • Hold you accountable for taking the necessary actions to make change happen
  • Focus on what is working and how to make it better

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