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Raise Capital

Are you and your startup facing the Great Fundraising Challenge?

MyWay will maximize your chances of breaking through the challenges of securing capital for your startup.

Raise Capital

For you to successfully obtain the capital infusion your startup requires, you will have to overcome numerous personal challenges, some of which may include:

  • Making contact with investors
  • Marketing your venture effectively and comfortably
  • Succeeding in a world in which you have little knowledge or experience
  • Remaining motivated in the face of many refusals and a lengthening time frame
  • Identifying the ideal investor for you
  • Taking charge of a process you would rather outsource to a third party
  • Being a pusher, being assertive, being a good negotiator
  • Managing and evaluating several investment alternatives simultaneously
  • Managing multiple fronts simultaneously: money, team, product

Overcoming these personal challenges is essential to achieving the most important business goals of raising capital, such as:

  • Securing meetings with a sufficient number of relevant investors
  • Breaking the first-meeting barrier (get a “second date”)
  • Getting high-profile investors on board
  • Negotiating ideal terms of investment
  • Securing investment commitments
  • Closing the deal
  • Preparing a convincing business plan and presentation

MyWay uses its venture capital (VC) experience and well-established coaching techniques to help you reach the breakthrough you need to secure financing for your venture. MyWay will tailor the fundraising guidance you receive to your particular strengths, and will provide professional feedback on the plan, presentation and process. In some cases, MyWay may also be able to make introductions to relevant Israeli investors.

Together, MyWay and you will:

  • Define the ideal investor profile for your venture
  • Figure out how to reach relevant investors
  • Set timetable and milestones for the fundraising process
  • Find the key to marketing your venture effectively and comfortably
  • Discover your value proposition to investors
  • Simulate meetings with investors
  • Analyze the meetings and improve the process
  • Evaluate several funding alternatives
  • Plan the acquisition and management of relevant business contacts
  • Plan and analyze the management of the negotiation and closing phases

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