Achieve Your Goals

Grow Venture Value

Do you want to unlock the success potential of your startup and increase its market value?

MyWay will maximize your chances of breaking through the challenges of value creation and opening up new opportunities.

Grow Venture Value

Growing venture value involves various personal challenges, such as:

  • Shifting from start-up entrepreneur to management professional
  • Leading and motivating your team
  • Managing conflicts
  • Assuming leadership in relationship management with investors
  • Divesting yourself of unsuitable or underperforming team members
  • Refocusing on new technologies and solutions, while letting go of the old
  • Effectively managing time and priorities
  • Finding the right balance between work, family, friends and leisure
  • Daring to leap to the next level

Overcoming these personal challenges is essential to achieving key business goals, such as:

  • Making contacts with leading strategic partners or high-profile funds
  • Preparing for the next capital-raising round
  • Graduating from angel investors to VCs, or from local funds to global funds
  • Maximizing cooperation with your investors
  • Creating strategic partnerships with market leaders
  • Expanding the business to global markets
  • Closing sales, increasing revenues
  • Attracting top-tier professionals
  • Successfully leading a growing team
  • Successfully shifting from guerilla mode to a larger, more organized startup
  • Shifting to new technologies, products, markets

MyWay will help you maximize your personal potential with the specific goal of achieving major breakthroughs in the market value of your venture. Together, we will:

  • Figure out how to reach and attract the ideal employees, strategic partners, investors and customers
  • Find the key to marketing your venture effectively and comfortably
  • Simulate meetings with potential partners, customers
  • Analyze the meetings and revise the process
  • Set timetables and milestones for the processes
  • Practice techniques for team leadership and conflict resolution
  • Choose a course of action with underperforming or unsuitable team members
  • Optimize relationships with investors
  • Tailor time management plans to your motivation and needs

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