Achieve Your Goals

Build the Team

Looking for the dream-team that will share your journey to success?

MyWay will maximize your chances of breaking through the challenges of attracting the people you want on board.

Build the Team

"It’s all about the team!" This is one of those rare axioms upon which almost all investors and experienced entrepreneurs agree. For you to find the right teammates and bring them on board, you may have to overcome many personal challenges, such as:

  • Formulating the profiles of your ideal teammates
  • Finding and contacting relevant candidates
  • Exposing your idea to others
  • Screening candidates – are they right for you?
  • Loosening (sharing) control
  • Establishing business partnerships with friends
  • Creating and managing several alternatives simultaneously
  • Inspiring commitment and getting results despite challenging conditions
  • Improvising – covering main roles in creative ways

These are key to attaining this phase’s business goals including:

  • Getting ideal people on board
  • Attracting high-profile people despite budget restrains
  • Divesting yourself of unsuitable or underperforming team members
  • Building a coherent, winning team
  • Leading a small team for maximum performance

MyWay will help you maximize your personal potential with the specific goal of building and managing the team your startup needs to succeed. In order to achieve this breakthrough, MyWay and you together will:

  • Evaluate several team composition alternatives
  • Define the ideal profiles for your desired teammates
  • Figure out how to best reach relevant candidates
  • Find the key to marketing your venture effectively and comfortably
  • Discover your value proposition to high-profile candidates
  • Simulate meetings with candidates
  • Analyze candidate meetings and refine the process
  • Set timetables and milestones for the team-building processes
  • Practice techniques for candidate screening, conflict resolution and team leadership
  • Choose a course of action for underperforming or unsuitable team members
  • Create and manage relevant business contacts

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