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Quotation MarksI worked with Halit for over a year, from an initial business plan to the closing of my seed round and the early days of nurturing my idea into a real entity. During that time I managed to bring on board key industry leaders, maximize my team potential and find the key to leading a more balanced family-work life. Halit provided me with the environment and techniques that enabled me to stop my daily race, get clarity about my challenges and find the answers within me. I gained strategies that help me maximize my performance and be more effective in a dynamic, demanding environment.Quotation Mark
Guy Margolin, Founder & CEO, GameGround

Quotation MarksFollowing a few months of work with Halit I managed to turn a challenging relationship with my partner into a strong, winning partnership and secure a meaningful deal and funding. Our meeting enabled me to analyze my moves, correct them in time, stay focused and avoid repeated mistakes. Halit challenged me to take bold actions out of my comfort zone that allowed me to take substantial leaps in my business and personal life. I initiated a plan that helped me replace a chaotic lifestyle with a more balanced and healthy routine. I am walking away with tools and insights that will surely serve me during my future challenges as startup leader.Quotation Mark
Yaron Tanne, Founder & CEO, Cam-Trax

Quotation MarksIt took me a few months since I first met Halit until I decided to launch a startup coaching process with her. I can now say it was an excellent decision. Her Venture Capital background enables her to well understand the various aspects of the startup world. Each session with Halit brings me closer to my goals by helping me focus, identify the steps I need to take in order to reach my targets and move into action.Our work allows me to be more confident and calm when leading my company to the next level.Quotation Mark
Sefi Donner, Founder & CEO, Sports Events 365, www.se365.co.il

Quotation MarksIt was important for me to see measurable progress and results and I got what I came for! Halit's familiarity with the startup and investment worlds and her precise perception of personal factors enabled me to create a clear and systematic action plan and tailor it to my individual strengths and weaknesses. I understood what helps me to move into action and what hinders my progress and was able to successfully conclude a beta milestone, enroll investors and partners to the fundraising process and create a regular sport routine that made me feel more physically vibrant then before. I enjoyed the process and got some tools and techniques that I may apply when encountering future challenges.Quotation Mark
Dubi Sandmann, Founder & CEO, Verdi Visual Intelligence Ltd.

Quotation MarksHalit played an important role in turning my idea into a funded startup company. We have been working together for the past two years, during which I reached several important milestones including raising funds from a leading investor and finding an ideal partner. I feel that our work helped me find the focus, personal resources and perspectives that enabled me to take my startup forward even during rough times. The experience of working with Halit, a coach with a background in venture capital, has been very meaningful to me, and I recommend that all entrepreneurs try and see if it works for them. Besides, it's fun!Quotation Mark
Gil Ruda, Founder, TripTouch

Quotation MarksI met Halit after our startup graduated from the incubator program and concluded a fundraising round worth a few million dollars. Our work enabled me to make the leap from my ’early-stage‘ focus on technology and survival to my new role as a leader of a ’growth-stage‘ venture. Her impartial feedback, coaching techniques and my weekly accountability allowed me to successfully cope with the challenges of this phase, lead from a more relaxed place and take the break I needed with my family.Quotation Mark
Didier Toubia, Founder, Arbel Medical

Quotation MarksHalit guided me in making a major change in my career path. I’ve gone from a two-year-old startup with much potential and little progress to raising over $1M seed investment, establishing an operation and making the value of my venture visible. Our work together enabled me to take the leap from executing technology projects to leading the fundraising, tapping into my business skills and seeing my idea turn into a funded startup.Quotation Mark
Internet Entrepreneur

Quotation MarksHalit's sharp perception of my strengths and potential failure points helped me take the leap from a ’one man show' venture to a startup company. Halit challenged me to step out of my comfort zones, expose my venture and get the people I want on board.  I gained the clarity, focus and confidence to act successfully in the ’startup universe’Quotation Mark
Eitan Amiel, Founder, MyCompage

Quotation MarksHalit created an impartial, challenging environment that made me discover and trust my personal ’winning strategy.’ I became more effective in my communication with clients, a key success factor in my business. In addition, Halit's experience in venture capital helped me to gain a better understanding of the fundraising game. In our meetings, I laid the foundation for taking my venture global and made room for advancements in my personal and family life.Quotation Mark
Idan Amir, Founder, BugSec

Quotation MarksHalit helped me move from ’many ideas, little progress' to launching two bootstrap ventures, quitting my day-job and creating the infrastructure to implement my long-term entrepreneurial vision. Her unbiased feedback, intuition, weekly challenges and VC experience helped me to gain focus, identify potential failure points and correct them in time. I got the results I wanted in an enjoyable way that was tailored to my unique set of strengths and aspirations.Quotation Mark
Eytan, Internet Entrepreneur

Quotation MarksI was amazed at the effectiveness and value I have gained from each session with Halit. The insights I acquired in our work enabled me to create a clear and focused business strategy and plan. Her methodology created commitment and motivation that moved me into action and allowed me to execute my plan. I have seen substantial results on both business and personal levels.Quotation Mark
Eli Shahaf, Founder & CEO, ProFile Interactive

Quotation MarksI worked with Halit for a couple of months during which I made an important progress in building the right steps forward for my venture and achieving them. Halit's experience with startups and venture capital background enable a good common ground for discussion. Her talent in listening carefully to the different levels of the conversation makes the discussions intelligent and effective. Halit's unique observation of the entrepreneur's role in the startup and the startup's role in the entrepreneur's lifestyle helped me gain focus and results.Quotation Mark
Eran Sharar, Founder, MobDaily

Quotation MarksI turned to Halit when I had some serious decisions to take regarding my startup and my career. Halit did a great job disconnecting me from the "here" and "now" and going with me on a travel to the future of possibilities. And in accordance with what we saw in the future to come, I took the necessary measurements. Halit is very talented, dedicated and smart. She combines strong high-tech expertise with advanced coaching methods, providing executives and entrepreneurs with a better understanding of their true self.Quotation Mark
Tuvia Rosenthal, Founder & CEO, Meezoog

Quotation MarksThanks Halit! Working with you was a meaningful and insightful experience. Your wisdom and experience helped me shed new light on key professional and personal challenges.Quotation Mark
Erez Dothan, Founder& CEO, I-Scan Robotics

Quotation MarksAs a founder of a technological startup, I've had the pleasure working with Halit for the past few months. Halit helped me get through some of the critical stages during the early formation of a startup. Halit has this natural talent to grasp a situation, reflect it, and ask the right questions. She makes you truly aware of yourself, the situation at hand, and the possible courses of action. During our work, I've learned to detect and avoid my habitual thinking patterns, utilize my flow state, and approach challenges with a wide perspective. Halit had helped me gain focus, clarity & direction, thereby allowing me to achieve my professional goals with confidence and determination. Highly recommended!Quotation Mark
Lior, Founder & CEO of a web startup

Quotation MarksAs a highly busy entrepreneur, committing to a weekly meeting with Halit wasn't an easy decision. I can now say it was worth my time! Her unique perspective helped me develop a winning presentation strategy that proved to be very effective and fun. I have discovered new ways to increase my productivity, make space for personal activities and improve my communication skills. Warmly recommended!Quotation Mark
Haggai Yedidya, Founder & CEO, Secure Erasure

Quotation MarksI came to Halit at a time when I needed to push my venture forward after a period of slowdown. Already when completing the questioner she game me before our meeting about my situation things started to become clearer. Meeting with Halit, I understood better what are my main drivers as an entrepreneur and what are the key challenges I'm facing, both on a personal level as well as businesswise. The interesting model-based discussion with her gave me insights and tools to face these challenges successfully. In addition, her constructive and objective feedback and her positive and encouraging attitude were very helpful in taking my venture one step further.Quotation Mark
Sofia, founder of a Hi-tech company

Quotation MarksThanks for  a very productive meeting. You helped us focus and come up with a new way to take our venture to the next level. This is an exciting breakthrough as the solution is easy to implement and doesn't require us going into a fundraising round.Quotation Mark
Shay, Founder of a media startup

Quotation Marks

The calm nature, coupled with experience of halit gave a feeling of assurance that reiterated the intrinsic motivation behind my venture. Halit is an inspiring person and brings out the inspiration in others. You're a Star!


Quotation Mark
Tal Azouri, Founder, BeerDay

Quotation MarksHalit really added insight into our inner-organization-mindset, we worked for only a couple of coaching sessions, but left feeling more energized with a clear set of goals in mind whilst we were fundraising with our investors. She also instilled certain attitudes to how we represent ourselves externally which have stayed strong with us until now.Quotation Mark
Nigel Sharp, Founder & CEO, Lionsharp Solutions, Armenia

Quotation MarksI have started to work with Halit about a year ago to help me make some major career decisions. Together with Halit, I have discovered opportunities for personal development which lead to some great changes in my career. When looking back at this year, I am still amazed to see the changes that happened and are still happening, and looking forward to the changes that will come. Quotation Mark
Guy Morgenstern, VP Engineering, PointRF, NY

Quotation MarksThanks Halit. Your creative approach and international network helped me find an investor with great strategic value that I wouldn't otherwise reachQuotation Mark
Gal Melamed, founder, WonderVoice

Quotation MarksHalit approaches entrepreneurship as a holistic journey, where the founders' personalities and aspirations play a key role in the success of their business. In addition to offering expert business advice, she manages to unveil the emotional factors and offer the empowering context necessary for reaching the next stage. Through Halit's coaching, I created a breakthrough in productivity, expanded my offerings and rethought the business to fit my ambitions and personality. 

Halit's proven experience, endless patience, authentic excitement and skillful coaching, makes her a true companion for this journey and I highly recommend hiring her as a business coach.
Quotation Mark
Ilan Schifter, founder, Play Patterns

Quotation MarksHalit worked with us in our start-up. She gave us professionalism, original ideas, connections and lots of experience. We are very grateful for the connection with Halit.Quotation Mark
Yuval Nachtom, founder, OpApp

Quotation MarksHey Halit, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help, professional guidance and support you provided me as an entrepreneur. I am really glad we met and I am looking forward to continue the exciting quest ahead of us, thanks!Quotation Mark
Edan Kertis, Founder, MyQuest